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Cardin Nguyen
Ngay Thang Troi Qua lyrics

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[Chosen One]
Yo Yo, sit back and reminist when we first kiss
First held your hands then I kissed your lips
A great feeling inside what we were trying to hide
I think about our past every once in a while
All the ups and downs with the smiles and then frowns
I'm the king you were the queen here's the crown
Then you getting jealous cause they say I get around
But honestly baby I was working on my sound
heard you moved on got a new boy friend
Don't be a stranger we can still be friend
Until the end ex lovers are best friends
Love is a complicated thing, I dont comprehend
Why it had to end, for where it all began
I'd do it all over again,I'd do it all over again
[Cardin Nguyen]
Ngay thang troi qua, tuy tinh to da het ngay nao
Anh mong rang em vui ben ngoui moi
Ming rang em luon tuoi sang hon
Du ngay thing troi thang troi qua, nhung long anh van nho ngay nao
Bao buon vui anh luon tham nho
Ky niem xua khi ta co nhau
[Phong Le]
Oi ky niem dep da qua gio day
Em o ben nguoi ta va moi tinh nay
Cung da phoi pha, roi cung chi co minh ta le loi buoc di
Tren con duong phong ba
Gap anh, sao em nhu nguoi xa la
Khi hai dua nhun nhau, sao thay long nay
That la xot xa, nhung ma roi anh biet
Chuyen buon nao cung se qua
Hinh bong em da nhoa, anh cau mong cho em duoc hanh phuc
Trong vong tay nguoi la, vi em la mot com gai ma
Da tung yeu toi, yeu toi tha thiet
Va cu tuong la anh da quen tinh ta
Nhung ma tai sao, hinh bong em lai hien ra
Nhu mot ky niem, ma anh khong the xoa duoc
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